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Strick & Company: Kansas & Missouri Land Surveyors - Our Project Mangement Style
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Our Project Mangement

The project management team at Strick & Company strives to provide the highest level of customer service to our clients by scheduling regular meetings with the project team.  By conducting these meetings, we are able to decide when it’s necessary to make changes in service.  The purpose of these meetings is to establish a procedure for checks and balances, schedule regular client reviews to ensure that client expectations are being met and to ensure that the team is centering all major decisions around the needs of the client.  The meetings also serve to educate Strick & Company team members on all client objectives and their role in meeting those objectives.  In addition, Strick & Company believes strongly in utilizing standard Strick & Company procedures whenever possible.  We also believe in using the latest client standards when needed.     

Strick & Company is also committed to following a thorough quality control process. Thanks to this quality control program, we are able to avoid many problems for our clients.  In addition, it also helps minimize the effects of problems that do arise.  Our quality control program helps us establish a baseline for project control and management and helps provide basic tools for the successful completion of a project. 

Strick & Company is dedicated to providing each client a solid work plan based on clear communication.  Our proven work plan includes the following steps:

  • Outlining the appropriate task
  • Establishing criteria for the completion of each task
  • Developing a deadline for each task
  • Establishing a budget for each task

Quality control is our number one priority at Strick & Company.  That’s why you can count on us to bring our most qualified and experienced staff to every project we take on.  A happy client is our ultimate goal.