Comprehensive Land Survey Services in Missouri and Kansas

Whether you are in need of a complete land survey or a land layout, you can rely on Strick & Company Incorporated. Regardless of your project requirements, we can meet any and all of your specifics needs.

What We Do

Professional Construction Surveying

All Phases of Transportation and Infrastructure Projects

Professional land surveyors are an essential part of any construction project, and we pride ourselves on having licensed team leaders in the field. We have provided accurate and reliable construction surveying services on public and private infrastructure improvements valued in the millions of dollars.

Our staff is committed to completing your project accurately and in a timely manner. We understand that emergencies arise in the construction industries that require fluid survey crew scheduling. By selecting us, you can be assured that your project will not be delayed due to crew availability.

Highway Alignment and Corridor Surveys

Right of Way Surveys, Strip Maps, Ownership investigation, Title Work Research and Review

Strick & Company Incorporated does right of way surveys, strip maps, ownership investigations, as well as title work research and review. Our experienced staff has worked on hundreds of miles of city, county, and state Department of Transportation projects where determining the existing alignment and/or right of way baseline has been critical. 

Accurate research, monument and alignment recovery, and plan interpretation ensures that the foundation of the project design and construction is both accurate and reliable. Whether the project is the reconstruction of an existing roadway, bridge rehab, or new construction, we have the knowledge and experience to create the foundation for your design needs.

ALTA/ACSM Land Title, Urban, Suburban and Rural Boundary Surveys

Research, Ownership Mapping, and Boundary Resolution

Boundary Surveys

We work on boundary surveys for a variety of reasons. The most common boundary surveys are used to establish property corners or delineate adjoining properties, obtain building permits, resolve property disputes, erect a new fence or move an existing one, or to physically locate rights of way and easements for viewing.

ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys

Strick & Company Incorporated provides ALTA surveys for the issuance of title insurance, commercial sales, or large design projects that require detailed property information to further define the scope of the engineer’s design.

Design and Engineering Surveys

Base Mapping and Triangulated Irregular Network (TIN) Generation

We provide accurate and reliable design surveying services on millions of dollars’ worth of public and private infrastructure improvements. Our background in engineering projects will ensure that your project needs will be met both accurately and efficiently.

We understand that incomplete or inaccurate base maps can result in design issues during construction, causing costly delays and additional expenses. To prevent this, our staff is dedicated to working with our clients to clearly define the project scope and parameters. This helps ensure adequate survey coverage utilizing the clients’ own AutoCAD standards and symbol libraries when provided.

Full-Service Global Positioning Surveys and Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Published Datum Extensions and Control Densification, ArcInfo, and AutoCAD Map Capabilities

Our experts have provided professional survey support on a myriad of Global Positioning and GIS projects. Projects we have completed include:

  • Municipal Water System As-Built Surveys and Mapping
  • Photogrammetric Control Surveys
  • Attribute Database Conversion and Management
  • Utility Mapping
  • GPS Data Collection and GIS Integration

We have the equipment, software, and skill to partner with you on your GPS/GIS project.

Subdivision Layout, Platting, and Lot Splits

Research, Municipal Coordination, and Plat Production

Strick & Company Incorporated staff members have worked with many of the municipalities in the Kansas City metropolitan area in the preparation of condominium plats, subdivision plats, and tract/lot splits.

We have the expertise to communicate effectively with engineers, planners, and city or county officials to ensure that your project meets the review agencies’ requirements the first time. Whether you are platting several lots for development, splitting a parcel for a sale, or partitioning a structure into condominium units, we should be your first call to ensure a successful project.

Aerial Photo/Ground Control Surveys

  • GPS Static
  • Fast-Static
  • Real-Time Kinematic
  • Geodetic Network Control Surveys

Ground Control and Elevation Certificates

We are experienced in a variety of horizontal and vertical datum surveys. At Strick & Company Incorporated, we understand that the first step in planning GPS and ground control surveys is to determine the ultimate accuracy requirements for your project. Survey accuracy requirements are a function of specific project needs, whether it is for engineering design, construction, or real estate.

Our firm has provided professional surveying services for a multitude of aerial control projects, control densification networks for specific projects, and GPS control surveys. If your project requires the extension of an existing control network, we have the expertise and equipment to complete it accurately and on time.

Elevation Certificates

When you are in need of precise and reliable flood elevation certificates, trust none other than Strick & Company Incorporated to serve your needs. Our professional staff is experienced and knowledgeable. In addition, we are experienced in producing FEMA flood elevation certificates or Letters of Map Amendment (LOMAs).

Telecommunication Site Surveys

Boundary and Lease Area Descriptions, Topographic Surveys, and Exhibit Production

Licensed in Missouri and Kansa, Strick & Company Incorporated is prepared to deliver:

  • Complete Telecommunication Site and Tower Surveys
  • 2C and 1A Certification Letters
  • Legal Descriptions
  • Parent Parcel and Lease Boundary Areas

Regardless of whether you need a raw land, co-locate or rooftop survey, we understand that a quick turnaround is critical. We will work efficiently to meet your project deadline and other specific requirements.

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